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The Story Behind The Books

Realizing that I was suddenly sharing my once quiet and peaceful home with 3 puppies, all under one year of age, was a major "uh-oh" moment in my life. Thoughts like 'What have I done?', 'This Can't be', and 'I can't do this' were just a few thoughts that frequently passed through my mind. Chewed up shoes, hats, and furniture were common in the early days. Potty training was a slow, and needless to say, messy process. Sleepless nights became the norm. When my young puppies wanted to play, they were quite determined to play. 2:00 AM tug-o-war battles were common, as were walks around the neighborhood at all hours. Suffice it to say, our first few weeks and months together were tough. Very tough.

Eventually we all got used to each other. We learned that some give and take would be required to make this adventure work. As the weeks passed, each puppy developed his/her own sweet and unique personality. I watched as each puppy gained trust in each other, as well as me. I watched them cooperate with each other. I watched as they literally took turns at getting treats, scratches and attention. I watched as they looked out for each other. I watched them grow to love each other. I realized that these little creatures had become far more than pets. The dogs were considered "rescued" but I assure you they did more to rescue me than I did them.

It was then that I began toying with the idea of making their stories known. I'm so thankful that I found a publisher willing to allow me to tell the stories of my precious pups. These books are filled with little life lessons, helpful to any child who hears or reads them. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about my best buddies.