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About The Books

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a modern day classroom filled with teenagers? What are they thinking? What are their views of world issues? Well, you've landed in the right place. Become a fly on the wall of my classroom for the last 30 years. Politics? Geography? Psychology? Law & Order? Relationships? These are but a few of the topics that are touched upon in these books.

Many years ago, I started making notes of funny, odd, strange, and peculiar things my students said and asked in class. As the years passed those notes in an old notebook were transferred to index cards. Today those index cards cover the walls of my classroom. As students continue to say and ask odd things, space on my wall continues to disappear. Students are given the option of signing their cards. The majority of students are eager to sign their card and let others know of their odd comment / question. Students are made aware early that my collection of cards is in no way meant to embarrass anyone.

Mountains of research prove humor in the classroom has numerous benefits. Students were/are quick to see that my collection of unique comments/questions is all in fun. In most instances students laugh at themselves for whatever thought motivated their odd comment. For decades I've watched humor draw classes closer. It's no surprise that young people who are having a little bit of fun perform better academically.

Unfortunately, there are some who are terribly critical of my collection of quotes. That's really too bad. To them I say, lighten up a little. Try to smile occasionally. Life's too short. Have a little fun

Book #4 of this type is in its early stages of planning. There isn't a name for that book yet. It will be very similar to the first three, with a small and very humorous twist. Stay tuned.......